Snapshot Aquarium

Snapshot Aquarium (2017)

Online Aquarium Simulator (WebGL, PC standalone) made in Unity

psai® Interactive Music Engine

Middleware for adaptive music

psai is a multiplatform API and toolset for adaptive game audio designed by Periscope Studio.
I was responsible for the technical design and the implementation.
psai for Unity is available in the Unity Asset Store.
The native C++ version is currently being used by TaleWorlds in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord.

DirectX Assimp Renderer

DirectX Assimp Renderer (2009)

beta 0.9.0

C++ render engine (D3D9) for rendering 3D Models that were imported using the Open Asset Import Library (ASSIMP)

Final Siege

Final Siege (2006)

One of the first near real-time multiplayer action games for mobile phones, inspired by the classic arcade machine Rampart.
Created together with my colleague and friend Marcel Köhler, published by Exit Games

Unreal Tournament 2003 Insta Assault

Insta Assault

ZIP File (10kB)

A little mutator for UT2003: Like InstaGib (a single hit is fatal) but with a modified Assault-Gun firing at 900 RPM :D


Artifishial Intelligence (2013)
Lebensechte Simulation von Zierfischen


My masterthesis about the AI design of artificial fishes (behaviour trees, steering-behaviours, animation) (in german)


Latenzkompensation in Echtzeit-Multiplayerspielen (2007)


Our bachelorthesis discussing latency compensation algorithms in realtime multiplayer games, aimed at improving the multiplayer middleware Exit Games Neutron / Photon. (german)


Interaktive Musik
in Computerspielen (2001)

PDF File (473 kB)

My final thesis for my audio engineering diploma at the SAE Institute Hamburg, about interactive music in video games. (german)